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Barack Obama thinks ‘woke’ kids want purity. They don’t: they want progress |The Guardian | October 2019

Trump’s racist attacks will make it easier for ‘the Squad’ to recruit more members | The Guardian | July 2019

Joe Biden Is Not a Blue-Collar Candidate | Jacobin | May 2019

To the Girls With Heavy Names| OkayAfrica | March 2019

Economic Anxiety Is Not Just for White Men| Very Smart Brothas | March 2019 

Hillary Clinton Is Still Deeply Confused About What Happened in Wisconsin. Here’s Why That Matters | The Intercept| March 2019

The Color of Economic Anxiety | Current Affairs | July/August 2018 [pdf]

On Jemele Hill and White Supremacy: Being Called A Racist Is Worse Than Actual Racism In Trump’s America | Essence | September 2017

The Sacrifices of Slain Black Panther Leader Fred Hampton and His Family Are a Lesson in Black Love | Essence | December 2016

The South Still Got Somethin’ To Say | Saint Heron | October 2015 

It’s a Good Thing to See Black Men in Love | For Harriet | July 2015

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