Latest News/ Appearances

  • In December 2019, I joined host Michel Martin on NPR’s All Things Considered for a panel on Kamala Harris’ suspended presidential campaign. I discussed how her policy, not her identity, primarily hindered her success.


  • I won a New York Association of Black Journalists Media Award in November 2019! Check out the winning piece–The Color of Economic Anxiety--in Current Affairs Magazine. It’s a tale, both winding and cautionary, of the black working class in the Midwest and how economic anxiety may affect how they vote.



  • I was on the Michael Brooks Show on Tuesday, April 2, 2019 talking election stuff because we could all use *more* people talking about election stuff. (starts around 1:17:40)



  • Did a deep dive with Daniel Denvir’s “The Dig” (when will your fave with this alliteration??) for Jacobin radio on my longform piece in Current Affairs, The Color of Economic Anxiety. Catch it on itunes.