Black Midwest

I’m working on a project about Black workers in the Midwest, from warehouse workers to nurses and Uber/Lyft drivers. My work on Black Midwesterners, and particularly economic issues they face, has been featured in Essence, The Guardian, and Vox, among others.

When featuring Midwesterners and how they vote, media outlets virtually always center white moderates and conservatives. This project shares the perspectives of Black working-class Midwesterners, how they vote, and how, if at all, they may lose interest in voting.

If you’re a:

-Black worker (or unemployed)

– In a metro area in or near Cleveland, Milwaukee, Detroit or Flint and want your story featured;

then please complete this brief 3 minute survey! Anyone who completes the survey in full and is asked to participate in a short phone call (approx 15 mins) with the author will receive a $25 stipend for their time.